Daily Essentials for My Four Month Old & Products I Never Used

Now that I have a daily routine down for my daughter, I feel more confident giving advice to other new moms about products I love to use, and the products that were a complete waste and ended up only being used once or twice. For starters, I bought sooooo many bottles! I was so worried about which bottle to get because I kept reading a bunch of articles online about the newest bottle technology and how one bottle reduced gas, but another made the transition from breast to bottle easier, and another was made of glass, but also didn’t allow the baby to learn to grab it on their own. It all just ended up confusing me even more, and led me to purchase at least five different types of bottles. After my daughter was born, I found myself switching back and forth from Dr. Brown’s bottles and Como Tomo Bottles. The rest I didn’t like at all, so I won’t even bother mentioning them. Both bottles were great, but I ended up sticking to the Como Tomo bottles because of how easy they are to clean! These bottles are honestly the best in every way. They’re lightweight, easy to clean, have anti-colic vents, the material is safe, it doesn’t leak (the Dr. Brown bottles leaked a lot for me), and you can adjust the flow to your baby’s age and preference.
This leads me to a product I ended up NEVER using, a bottle warmer. I was breastfeeding in the beginning, so I didn’t even need bottles to begin with. After I started to pump to get a little help from others, I realized that my daughter was completely okay with drinking cold breast milk. It was just super annoying to try to get the milk to the right temperature and have to worry about it being too hot for her. The one I got was First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer. Totally useless.
To clean the bottles, I have a few products I love to use. The first is this Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Brush. It has a small end with ridges to allow you to clean the bottle’s nipple easily. I also purchased this Boon Patch Countertop Drying Rack. It’s so cute! It looks like grass to me and I purchased a Boon Twig Grass and Lawn Drying Rack Accessory for the smaller things like pacifiers. It adds a cute decorative touch to the drying rack and only costs $3.99! For dishwashing soap, I purchased The Honest Company Dish Soap in the scent Lavender. It smells amazing and cleans the bottles well. I haven’t noticed any residue left over and of course being from the Honest Company, no harsh chemicals are used. The drying rack, bottle cleaner, and dishwashing soap actually make me excited to clean the bottles lol. Never thought I would be saying that.
Moving on to bath time, I bought Boon 3-Stage Bathtub and like to use that in our sink to make it easier on my back rather than using it in the shower. Our sink is a single sink so it is big enough to fit the bathtub. The tub easily changes to fit baby during each stage and my daughter has always been very comfortable in it. I think its part of the reason why she never cries during bath time.
The last daily product I can’t live without is her Fisher-Price Puppy ‘n Pals Learning Gym. She spends a lot of time on it during tummy time and reading time, and also loves to look at herself in the mirror! I purchased the 4Moms Mama Roo 4 Infant Seat thinking she would spend a lot of time on it compared to the play gym, but I didn’t really feel the need to put her in there. It might be more useful for moms with more than one baby, so I’m still hesitant to give it a negative review, because the few times that I did put her in there she was very calm. It might have been because I hung a few toys for her to play with, but who knows. For now, these are the products that I must have in order to get through the day sanely and the ones I regret getting. Once she starts eating solids I know I will have to update a few things, so don’t forget to subscribe to get email reminders of our daily posts!

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