Laura Geller Gilded Honey Highlighter Review & Dupe

If someone was to ask me which highlighter I recommend the most from my highlighter collection it would be the Laura Geller Illuminator in Gilded Honey. I have light to medium complexion and this highlighter looks amazing on my skin tone. It is on the deeper side of highlighters so I can imagine this looking beautiful on some deeper skin tones as well. Not only is the color fantastic but the formula of this highlighter is stunning as well. I love highlighters that look more like a dew rather than a chunky, sparkly powder. It’s very important for the highlighter to have a creamy and soft texture so that it melts into the skin and doesn’t look like a chalky powder on the face. For quite some time I pretty much only used this highlighter and I was super excited to find a dupe for it. The dupe is the Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter in 100 molten gold. 

This highlighter is one of my favorites at the drugstore and it leaves the same finish on the skin as the Laura Geller one. It has a very soft texture which is definitely different than the Laura Geller one. The gilded honey highlighter is baked so it has a harder consistency and gives very little kick back. The Maybelline one is pressed softer so there is some kick-up. Besides that minor difference though, these highlighters both have that golden glow and wet look.

Laura Geller Gilded Honey Highlighter Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter 100 Molten Gold
Maybelline Master Chrome on left, Laura Geller Gilded Honey on Right

In the picture above they look slightly different, but on the cheekbones the difference is unnoticeable. The Laura Geller one is a bit lighter so therefore it looks a bit more reflective. But, even in the picture you can see that they both have the same shine factor. They do not contain chunky glitter and look very creamy and soft.

Here’s another picture of how the highlighters look on my fingers. The left finger has the Maybelline highlighter and the right finger as the Laura Geller one. Even in the pan they look very similar. The awesome thing about the Maybelline one is the price point as well. It sells for only $7.99 compared to the $26 Laura Geller one. So as far as price goes the Maybelline one is the way to go and it looks just as good as the more expensive Laura Geller highlighter!


My main tip that I have is to apply highlighter on non-powdered skin. In my opinion, highlighter looks best when it is applied to a wet surface so that it has a medium to mix with and looks more like a wet glow on the skin. I have noticed that when I apply highlighter to powdered skin it looks more like a noticeable shiny powder. Whereas when I apply it to a non-powdered base my skin looks more lit from within and natural. The color of the highlighter also shows up more true on non-powdered skin. I noticed that when I applied it to powdered skin my highlighter showed up a different color. How to put on highlighter

Above is a picture of one of my highlighters applied to powdered foundation on the left and non-powdered foundation on the right. Notice how the glitter shows up more on the powdered side and barely shows up on the non-powdered side. The non-powdered swatch looks more like a liquid illuminator whereas the powdered swatch looks more like a powdered highlighter. Of course both ways are beautiful in my opinion but when I want to get that more wet, editorial glow I put on highlighter on non-powdered skin. I find that powdering before applying highlighter can cause the highlighter to accentuate any peach fuzz or raised skin because the powder itself clings onto them and then the highlighter further brings attention. When, I apply the highlighter to non-powdered skin than it looks more like a cream and melts into the skin and doesn’t accentuate imperfections as much.

Hope you guys like makeup Mondays!!

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