Bugaboo Donkey Weekender Special Edition Review

Before my husband and I got married, we planned and agreed on having four kids. The first two being close in age, a 5 year or so age gap, then the next two to follow. So, as I began my search for strollers with my first pregnancy, I knew I wanted a double stroller that would last me through all four kids. I got advice from other moms to just go try out a few different strollers in store and write out a list of pros and cons for each stroller. Stumbling upon the Bugaboo brand, I found it hard to compare the technology with others. Then, I came across a video on youtube that showed a brand new version of the Bugaboo Donkey that came in the most beautiful denim-look fabric and cognac colored faux leather accents. I immediately fell in love with the color combination and was sold once I discovered that the side storage container that is available by default was replaced by a cute matching bag! A built in baby bag! It was at this moment that I knew I found the stroller of my dreams. Luckily for me, my husband also loved the stroller.

The Bugaboo Donkey comes in a “Mono” or single version, a “Duo” version for two kids of different ages, and a “Twin” version for two kids of the same age. We purchased the Duo and it came with a seat, a bassinet, and the uber-cute cute diaper bag. We had to purchase another extension set of the seat in order to be able to use it for two kids, which was kind of a downside. I mean, it only makes sense to provide both seats for a double stroller, right?

Comparing it with other strollers I’ve seen, you can definitely tell from first sight that this one is high quality and made with sturdy parts. A definite necessity  if you are planning to use it for multiple kids. Our goal is four kids for now, so it was extremely important for us to find a durable stroller.


I love the look of a bassinet on a stroller and the huge canopy that almost completely covers the bassinet until the bumper bar. What’s also great is that the main frame of the bassinet converts into a seat once your child gets older. The only issue I have with the seat is that the bumper bar has to be completely removed in order to comfortably place a sleeping baby inside. Also, changing the seat position is a bit hard at times even with both hands. It needs to be completely lifted from its compartment before the position is changed, and that can get heavy with a baby inside. It’s almost impossible to do it with one hand, but it definitely feels sturdy and safe for your child.


Another feature that I love about this stroller is the ample amount of storage space. When only one child is using the stroller, you are able to place the diaper bag on the side and use that as well as the storage space on the bottom to carry things. I’ve gone on several shopping trips with this stroller and filled it with tons of shopping bags, handbags, blankets, water bottles, and just about anything else you can throw in there. EVERYTHING fits!


The swivel wheels and one piece handlebar make this stroller easily maneuverable. There’s really no place you can’t go. I recently traveled to the Los Angeles Arboretum and the bumpy, uneven grounds in some areas were no match for this stroller. It glides so easily, yet manages to keep the seat stable for baby. I generally keep it in four wheel drive, but you have the ability to lock the front wheels for rougher terrains.

I originally didn’t even want to travel to places like the mall with this stroller because I thought I wouldn’t be able to fit in between tight spaces. With the handlebar and wheels fully extended, the stroller fits through a standard doorway with no issues. I really made it seem so much bigger in my head than it really is. To be precise, the mono version is 23.6″ wide and in duo or twin version, it is 29″.

Weight & Folding/Storage:

For a stroller made to handle two kids, the Donkey is surprisingly lightweight. This definitely helps when you are trying to quickly pack it away into the trunk of your car. Although it is not the most lightweight stroller on the market, I was expecting it to be much heavier. The frame is around 28 lbs, but us mommas should be used to that kind of weight from carrying around our little ones all day!

Folding up the the stroller to store in the car or even around the house is so simple. The seat is removed with one step, and the frame is easily folded in about two or three steps once you get the hang of it.  The wheels can also be removed fit in smaller spaces.

Infant Carseat Compatibility:

The Donkey can be used with the Maxi Cosi Mico, Mico AP, and Mico NXT as well as the Chicco KeyFit and Britax B-Safe 35. You can just place those car seats into the space and drive off. So simple. For carseats other than the ones I named, you can purchase adapters and just snap in the adapters before putting in the carseat.

My little one never seems to get fussy in this stroller, so it’s safe to say that so far I’m a huge fan! I have noticed that she tends to get sweaty with her current carseat, but she can be in the stroller for hours and not sweat at all. There’s enough room for her to sit comfortably, as well as bring some of her favorite toys with her for a ride.

***Since my purchase of this stroller, the new 2018 version has been released! The tires are now foam-filled instead of air-filled, but the new tires can be purchased separately to replace the air-filled ones. Good thinking, Bugaboo!***


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