Boon Nursh Bottle Review & How To Calm a Gassy Baby

Although I hate to compare my children, my first born was such an easy baby that I don’t think I was prepared for my second! I never had to deal with gassiness or fussiness, so I was almost in disbelief when I realized that my little Mila had gas pains! When I first switched over to a bottle from breastfeeding, I was using the Como Tomo brand, which had been perfect for my oldest. I was so impressed with the bottle when Naré used it that I refused to believe it played a part in Mila’s gas issues. Actually, not only did it make her gassy, but it also increased the amount of spit up she had after each feeding. I still think the Como Tomo Bottles are on the top of my list for future children, but I began using the Boon NURSH Silicone Pouch Bottle and I immediately noticed a difference in Mila. Within a few days, her stools were softer, she was no longer constipated, and overall she was a much calmer baby.

The Nursh bottle has a silicone pouch that collapses as the baby drinks resulting in air-free feeding. That means the amount of gas baby ingests is reduced and they won’t have to feel those nasty gas pains anymore. Also, the bottle only has four parts, so cleaning is a breeze. You can boil, microwave, freeze, and sanitize the nipple and pouch as you please because they are made from silicone. There really are no down sides to this bottle, but if I really had to mention one it would be that the measurements are so faint that it’s almost impossible to see them. But, after a while you can just use the lines as your marker.

Now, the bottle realllyy helped Mila’s gassiness, but there were definitely other factors that contributed to calming her. A product I discovered while walking down the aisles at Target is the Windi Gaspasser . In the store I did a quick google search for product reviews and was pretty impressed. It’s basically a product that is inserted in the baby’s rectum to allow them to release gas. It has worked every single time that I have used it, and it even relieves Mila’s constipation. The Windi, along with the Boon bottles, played such a huge role in calming Mila.

Another thing I did to reduce Mila’s gassiness was to burp her midway during her feeding, and to hold her upright as much as possible. She barely has any gas issues thanks to her bottle, but when she does I can totally rely on the Windi to help. My once gassy and fussy baby is now a super calm and gas-free little lovebug! It makes parenting two little ladies, 11 months and three weeks apart, so much more simpler than it sounds. I hope this quick little review helps any moms out there looking for some help with their gassy babies!




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