What’s In Our 9-12 Month Box?

Learn n’ Grow Stackable Blocks

Made with organic pine wood, these blocks are one of the essential toys every baby needs in their toy chest. Babies will grow their cognitive and motor skills by stacking and creating different shapes with these blocks. The pure simplicity behind their design allows for endless imaginative play!

Pully Dog Toy

This handmade pull along toy is made from beech and linden wood and is polished with beeswax and food grade oils. This adorable toy will be your baby’s favorite! Use it during tummy time to cue baby to follow the toy and promote crawling. At 9-12 months baby is more focused and is able to pay attention to smaller details. Its cutout shape details and rolling wheels will spark baby’s curiosity. It is durable and light weight so baby will be able to independently hold on to it.

Stacking Rainbow Toy

ROYGBIV!! Teach baby all the colors of the rainbow with this vibrant rainbow colored stacking toy. It is hand-crafted and made with sustainable wood and painted with AP certified non-toxic paint! This toy will bring endless bouts of creativity and fun play time. Baby will grow their fine motor skills by learning to stack each layer on top of the other. It is baby safe and hand made! Just the way we like!

Learn n’ Grow Ring Sorter

This interactive toy is created with natural maple woods and the colorful rings are dyed with organic dyes found from vegetables and spices! This toy will allow you to teach baby the three essential colors red, green and yellow! Baby will be able to use their cognitive skills to stack the corresponding colored rings together. Not only is this toy a great learning experience for baby but it will also grow their important fine motor skills such as the pincer grasp.

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