What’s In Our 6-9 Month Box?


This wooden stacking toy is made from natural oak and maple woods and polished with organic flax-seed oil. Free from harsh chemicals or toxic paints! Baby will grow their fine motor skills by grasping and stacking the wooden discs. This toy also grows cognitive skills by letting baby figure out how to assemble the discs. This toy is rounded out and completely sanded down to insure safe play and no harsh edges.


This wooden toy car is the perfect toy for your ready to crawl baby. The car is made from natural oak, beech and linden woods. Polished with food grade flaxseed oil, in order to promote the wood breathing and staying in tip top shape. The toy car is perfect for babies that have started to crawl or are almost crawling because the movement of the car stimulates baby to follow and move with the toy. Baby can also further develop their fine motor skills by playing and moving around the part of the toy. This toy does have a small part to it, so parental supervision is necessary.


This organic yarn crocheted multi colored ball is perfect for those little hands to grasp and shake around. Let baby shake ball around to experience the jingle from the bell inside. It’s soft design is perfect for allowing babies to hold onto and develop their fine motor skills. It’s vibrant colors stimulates baby’s visual senses and builds hand eye coordinations. The ball toy is also perfect for ready to crawl babies to follow and reach for as it’s rolling around.


The Learn n’ Grow abacus is made with organic pine wood and dyed with organic vegetable and fruit juices. Click HERE to learn which vegetables and spices we use in case of any food allergies. Everything about our abacus is natural and baby safe. Use the Learn n’ Grow abacus to teach baby about numbers, and colors. It can also double as a rattle and promote baby to use their tiny hands and further develop motor skills.


This 2in1 toy is made from natural beech and linden woods and is polished with edible flaxseed and linseed oils. Baby will not only be able to soothe their sore gums with this toy but will also learn important concepts such as cause and effect. As baby moves the rattle they will hear the cute jingle and as a result mature their cognitive abilities. This playful rattle has a long handle which allows for a easy grasp and will keep your tiny tot occupied with endless fun.

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