What’s In Our 3-6 Month Box?


Let baby feel and explore different textures and sounds with our three sensory bags. The Learn n’ Grow sensory bags come in three different colors and different animal prints, and can be a great learning opportunity for baby to get introduced to colors and animal shapes. The fabric used is GOTS certified organic and will never cause any irritation to baby’s delicate skin. Our bags are filled with natural cherry seeds, which not only provide for a stimulating sound but are also easy to wash and eco-friendly. Cherry seeds are preferred over other types of natural fillers because they will never smell or attract any unwanted insects or moths.


Our Learn n’ Grow sensory teether provides a soft surface for babies to help calm their sore gums. Our soft organic knit material also doubles as a soothing blanket. Again our fabric is GOTS certified organic and made with love!


Our Learn n’ Grow jungle gym is exactly what your baby will need during their active stage of development. It is made out of sturdy natural maple wood and has a clean and natural design perfect for any nursery! It comes with only a few parts and takes only minutes to assemble. Click HERE to watch the easy assembly. Baby will be able to play and build gross motor skills by learning to reach and grab our already included Learn n’ Grow mobiles. Our Learn n’ Grow play mat included in our “0-3 BOX” completes the jungle gym set.


Learn n’ Grow mobiles are the perfect addition to our jungle gym. Made with organic maple wood! Our mobiles include animal rings to facilitate a fun learning opportunity. Baby’s will also grow their gross and fine motor skills by reaching and grabbing the mobiles. They are not only practical but are also a beautiful addition to any nursery.


Reading is one of the most important methods of interaction parents can offer their children. The more baby is exposed to words and stories the more their vocabulary will expand and creativity will flourish. Our book options will vary based on the time boxes are ordered, but no worries, each book will be a perfect addition to your baby’s library.

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