What to expect from baby at 4-6 months!

Baby at 4 months:

            Your baby at four months will become more advanced in their touch. Not only will they have a better grip on items but they will also be curious about certain textures and materials. Toys that have crinkle, noise making beads and other textures are fun to introduce to your baby at this stage. This is also when they start grabbing everything and taking it straight to their mouths. This is why we focus heavily on making our products as organic and baby safe as we can. Teething can still occur well past six months so keep soothing baby with teethers or teething blankets.

Baby at 5 months:

            Babies at five months are a lot more agile than before. Five month olds will start being able to sit with the help of cushions on the side. They might also start to show signs of wanting to crawl. This is when tummy time is extremely important. Toys can be placed a little out of their reach in order for them to stretch and want to move towards the toy.

Baby at 6 months:

            Babies at six months are starting to further learn their sense of touch. They will start to notice small details and pay attention to the tiniest of things. They’ll also love different textures. Introducing squishy toys that make noise or ones that having tiny details will help quench their large curiosities. This is also when some babies start to crawl. Using toys that move around can prompt babies to follow them around and take their first crawling steps!

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