What to expect from baby at 10-12 months!

Baby at 10 months:

Baby at 10 months is now understanding the concept of stacking and interactive play a lot more! Make sure to provide baby with enough toys for them to use their new found skills. This will not only build their gross motor skills but allow for more cognitive learning. They will also start to want to stand a lot more and some kids might even want to stand by holding onto furniture like chairs or coffee tables. If they are crawling this can be a fun time to play with things that they can chase around.

Baby at 11 months:

Babies at 11 months are starting to become their own little characters. Their attitudes will likely poke through during this time. They also are understanding their surroundings a lot more. Introduce toys that have different parts to them and watch how baby wants to pull them apart and reassemble. They will start to be a lot more advanced on their two feet, some babies might even stand for a couple seconds by themselves. Keep talking to baby and repeating colors and numbers

Baby at 12 months:

Congratulations! Your baby has been a part of your family for a year now! Babies at 12 months are starting to get more advanced. Some babies might even throw their first steps at this stage. Toys that move around are great for grabbing their attentions and promoting walking. Babies at 12 months are ready for more complex toys. Toys such as sorting shapes and colors will be a go to at this stage. Your baby might even start to sort colors and shapes correctly.

Remember that each baby is different. These are only guidelines and are meant to prepare you for what your baby might do. Every baby has their own pace and there is not need to be worried if some things are learned earlier or later!

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