What to expect from baby at 7-9 months!

Baby at 7 months:

Your baby at 7 months will start to enjoy their autonomy a lot more and be more comfortable sitting and entertaining themselves. If your baby has not started crawling then this is the time where they might start showing signs of mobility. A lot of babies will be in their prime teething stages, so prepare for crankiness, fussiness and maybe even lack of sleep. Make sure that they are getting soothing teethers and be careful what you put around them because they will for sure take it straight to their mouths!! The pincer-grasp will start to develop during this stage, where they use their index finger and thumb to grab smaller objects.

Baby at 8 months:

Your baby at 8 months will start to become a lot more observant. They are able to understand the world a lot better than before. This is prime time to give children toys that are more interactive. Teaching them the 1,2,3’s, ABC’s and other animals and shapes will be a great opportunity for both spending time with your little one and also helping them learn the basics of languages. They might even start saying their first words, so repeat mama and papa and listen for an answer back!

Baby at 9 months:

Babies at 9 months are a lot stronger and aware of their bodies. It is important to help them build their leg muscles. Hold them under their armpits and guide them across the room to teach them the basics of walking. Your baby at 9 months will start to be able to use their cognitive skills to play with toys. This is a good time to introduce shape sorters, color sorters and stacking toys.

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