Quiet Time for Babies

Here’s a little tip for all parents out there that can help your baby stay calm throughout the day and have better sleep at night. Often times, parents find themselves in a constant marathon trying to make sure their child has enough opportunities to learn and play throughout the day. Yet, one thing that some parents do not realize is that just like adults, babies also need some chill time. Here is where quiet time comes into play. This period of allowing the baby to just rest and not have too much stimuli is important for all stages of development, but is even more important during the time where the child is transitioning from two naps to one. It is an opportunity to provide some relaxation for the baby during that dropped second nap.

Quiet time can range differently for every child. Younger babies can just lay on a bed with their parents, and play with fingers or just stare into space. Some might even drift off and take a power nap! This is also time for the parent to just relax for a couple of minutes, which is an added bonus! For older children quiet time can be anything from playing in their rooms, to coloring. The possibilities are endless, and it is up to the parent to see what works best.

Quiet time can help with the baby’s mood throughout the day. Sometimes a child is tired but not ready for sleep and is therefore cranky and easily upset. This is the time to allow for them to charge up and get some energy back. It can also help with sleeping. If a child wakes up to silence, they will understand that it is normal and will be able to relax themselves back to sleep. It can also help with processing stimuli better as well. Often times if there is too much going on with the child, it can overwhelm their senses. Taking some time to be away from too many sensations can allow the child be able to focus better later.

Hope this little tip helps out all you amazing parents! Let us know if you guys already try quiet time, or if you guys are going to start implementing it in your baby’s daily routine!

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