Best Drugstore Lip Oils

Recently the new trend in lip care has been lip oils! When I saw these being marketed, I was a little skeptical about them. I mean, why can’t we just put coconut oil on our lips and call it a day?? After visiting 1 target, 2 CVS’s and 1 Ulta I was able to find what I believe are all of the drugstore lip oils out there. I bought the NYX #thisiseverything lip oil in the sheer shade and in the sheer berry shade, I also bought the Burt’s Bees passionfruit lip oil, and the E.L.F lip oil in ENTER SHADE. My initial skepticism over lip oils was the fact that as I mentioned above, plain coconut oil should nourish and hydrate as much as any lip oil out there. My other hesitation regarding lip oils was whether or not it would feel any different from lip gloss. Was this just another marketing stunt for brands to sell a slightly different version of their lip glosses?

It was time to investigate!

Here’s what I found when trying out these lip oils. My least favorite was the E.L.F one. First, let me state that I got a very pink shade, and that does not tend to be my go to color. I prefer a berry, or a mauve nude. Nonetheless I picked it up because, well quite frankly, it was the only shade available. Here’s where my issues lay with this lip oil. It was so pigmented that it was hardly considered tinted. It felt like I was putting on a slightly sheerer lip gloss. I prefer my glosses to be on the very sheer side, and I expect that even more from a lip oil. My idea of a lip oil is an easy application where I do not have to worry about the color clashing with my makeup. Yet, with this oil you really have to worry about the color and if it matches your makeup. The other issue I came across with the E.L.F. lip oil was that it felt exactly like their lip glosses. In fact, a quick ingredient search shows that the formula of the lip oils, and the lip glosses are not all that different. There is still a lot of filler ingredients like mineral oil on top of the list, and then towards the end there are some oils and not that big of a difference to be honest.

Now for the NYX ones. These I actually preferred over the others. The sheer shade is exactly that, sheer. There is the tiniest bit of a pink hue, which you can only see when put onto a white background. On the lips it just looks like a clear oil. These lip oils actually felt different from their lip glosses. Again, the ingredient list shows the difference. In their lip glosses there is practically no oil, and in their lip oils there are quite a few. It also absorbs into the lips quite well, and does not feel sticky or gooey. The sheer berry shade is also very beautiful on the lips and gives you that “just had two cups of Cabernet” look. They are also compact and small, and are a better option to carry around throughout the day.

The Burt’s Bees one felt the most like plain old oil. This also comes in a Carmex type tube and not in a lip gloss tube, which makes it much more convenient for reapplication throughout the day. As far as which I prefer between the NYX and the Burt’s Bees?? I honestly can’t say. The Burt’s bees ingredients are labeled natural, and are definitely less than the NYX ones, but its really not that big of a difference. Also the NYX ones are less expensive, though none of these lip oils were over 7 dollars.

Now, to answer my original question, is plain coconut oil going to work just as well as these lip oils? The simple answer is yes, and you’re bypassing most of the fillers that these lip oils contain. However, even though coconut oil and lip oil will give the same outcome, lip oils are a lot easier to carry around, and application is also more convenient. There’s also multiple oils in the formula which can be more nourishing than just plain coconut oil. They can also add a slight tint that coconut oil cannot.

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